Prause – Office for better construction

The family business »Prause Holzbauplanung« is one of the leading companies in Germany in the field of wood construction planning and digitalisation of the planning process. They also operate in Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg. Together with the client we worked over a year on a new identity for the company.
For the understatement, we crossed out the »Holzbauplanung« of the name and replaced it with the claim »Büro für besseres Bauen« meaning Office for a better construction. In that way they can directly assume a leading position in front of the building industry.
The tree as a natural resource in its reduced and constructed representation is composed of two modules, which could also be read as a one and zero. Since the company was founded, its color has been blue. For a contrast we added yellow as an additional color for active marking.
On the website, you can see interesting projects, showing the possibilities of wood construction. But a big part of it is the magazine, in which coworkers of Prause can write articles about their fields and publish them under their names. The aimes of the website are to present the company with its values and aimes, the engagement and growth of the coworkers, and to strengthen the brand within the wood construction sector.