Der Heizer Narrated in relations

In “Der Heizer Narrated in relations”, the structure inspired by the sign language puts a strong emphasis on the relations between persons and objects.
The work is an experiment of typographic and medium realization. The aim is to break up the linearity of texts or stories and to bring them to life in a non-linear way. When I asked myself how to tell a story without hearing the sound of words in one’s head, I started to get interested in the sign language. This language is purely visual, and works in a multidimensional way. In the spoken language, we mainly have acoustic information, whereas in the sign language, the face, mouth, gestures, form and position of the hands, speed and body posture are all crucial for the statement and are used to create links and relationships in the space.

Art Direktors Club Auszeichnung Junioren 2018 / Experiementelles Gestalten
Type Directors Club/TDC64 Winning No. #179